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Todd Gross’s Latest Offering From His Video Vault?

Who is Todd Gross? And What Is The Todd Gross Video Vault

Todd Gross is best known as a weather man. He worked as a Boston meteorologist for many years (The early 80’s) also doing science reports for UHDH-TV.  He has an engauging and charismatic smile and personality. It is no wonder he was successful for so many years.

Here are a couple of examples of pictures of the before and after green screen or Chroma-Key process.

Green screen sample
Green Screen Sample
Merged result
Merged Result

Todd Gross also pioneered bringing the weather to the masses through the internet. Not to mention his excellent use of graphics to demonstrate his points.

As you know most TV weather men and women become masters of the green screen. They point to a blank wall from their point of view but this is merged with a computer generated map of the weather formations. It is cool and obviously gave Todd the idea for this product. If you want some real instances of where green screen video has been used to great affect, then think no further than to incredible movie scenes from the ‘Matrix’. Some of those amazing fight and shooter scenes are made possible by gree screen technology.

So What Is The Product?   ‘The Todd Gross Video Vault’

Todd is releasing what he calls ‘The Todd Gross Video Vault’. Todd knows the power of the green screen or chromakey video. He has really shown us how to master making great video presentations with his latest product.  The Todd Gross Video Vault.  It is a merging of the two into a final profesional result that conveys so much more. Placing the presenter into a whole ‘new’ value added experience for the viewer.

Todd has created a fantastic series of still and video backdrops with his Todd Gross Video Vault, that can be merged with a second video of the presenter. He has travelled the world getting some of the most compelling frames and footage I have seen. This is no small exercise. I am not sure how long it has taken Todd to accumulate this body of work. But it is indeed impressive. He is now offering this video footage and his still frames for sale. This allows the average person to present visuals to video just like a pro.

Overview Of  ‘The Todd Gross Video Vault’

The ‘The Todd Gross Video Vault‘ Contains broadly contains the following.

– Free
There is a free offer of 10 various still pictures in the Todd Gross Video Vault, shot in great resolution and sized to suit use as a video backdrop. If you can stop at this good luck! I certainly couldn’t once I saw the quality of the work.
– Paid
The paid version comes with an amazing set of around 27 various location and situation videos backdrops. This is flanked by 7 earth and space, 12 light reveals, 11 motion backgrounds and 16 particle video special effect backdrops. A further massive amount of still shots in categories such as Autumn, City, Rocky Mountains, Dramatic, Indoor, Spring, Summer, Tropical and Winter. I honestly could not count how many were in the total set of stills. It is huge.

Details Of  ‘The Todd Gross Video Vault’

Quality Of Todd’s Video Collection

On the quality front I can say that Todd must be a total perfectionist. Every video I checked out was at ‘the best of the best’ pro quality. I am not sure how Todd has done this but he must have taken some serious gear with him as well as pro camera jockeys to get this standard of video. The shots I looked at would have taken a lot of time and patience, to have the weather and settings just right.


Click on the image to expand it.

Likewise the still shots are breathtaking. The Rocky Mountains series is worth the money you pay for the full set alone.

This is going to make anyone that uses the right choices from Todd’s selection in their videos, special effects and presentations look like a true pro.

The quality is some of the best I have ever seen in all areas, still, video and animations. There is something for nearly every project in this smorgasbord.

These videos, images and audio are all royalty free!  That is hard to find.

Man, this is one heck of a set of downloads. Set aside some time to get them all. But seriously I couldn’t wait to get them as I was worried they might disappear off the download site, so I watched every one complete.
You will need around 3.8 gig of space. But seriously I should put this in the Pros section too as it is just an awesome collection and body of work.

How To Use Todd Gross’s Videos and Backgrounds?

The following questions will be answered in upcoming articles and videos. All of them are pretty straight forward, but if you are new to hacking together your videos you may need a few tips. So I will cover this in some videos that will step you through how to’s and advise on some things you may want to get if you want to make a real pro job of it.

– What is a green screen? – What is chroma key?
– What do you need to do to make a green screen video?
– How do you merge the two?

So in summary the Todd Gross Video Vault is a stunning collection of quality, stunning and engaging videos, pictures and audio you could find.  It really is something that will leave your jaw on the floor.

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